Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 2011

Eish! 2010 is finally behind us and I can look forward to only good things in 2011. I have been absent for a while because I got frustrated with my photographic skills BUT I have NOT given up, I will conquor the Nikon D3000 that I have. I'm starting my photograpy course again on Wednesday, 19th, and promised myself to give myself grace, patience and perseverance!
I also have my FIRST FOLLOWER! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Isn't that exciting! This gives me the oemph I needed to still use this space for a creative outlet and just push on pushing on!
I also have my top 5 New Years Resolutions to share and maybe if I put it out there, the universe will conspire to bring it about! FOR SURE! Here is the list:
  • I will conquor my Nikon and move away from Auto

  • I need to drop some/a lot of weight and I'll check in weekly on my progress (only if its good!)

  • I will forward plan family vacations and not wait till the last moment and untill every place under the sun is FULLY BOOKED! Can I get an AMEN anybody?

  • I will consume/spend less (including scrapbook supplies)

  • I need to get more physical ... physical ... I wanna get physical ... physical ... Rheumatoid arthritis will not get me down.

I hope your year started off well. Tiffany is starting Grade 4 on 19 January, so then life will pretty much start falling into a comfortable routine again with summer sport, horseriding, violin, Kumon and church activities.

Speaking of horseriding, here is a pic of Tiffany today at her first lesson in 2011 as part of a group. Up till Dec last year she received 1-on-1 coaching. She was very nervous before the time but did very well. Still needs to work on the cantering, but it will come.