Thursday, October 14, 2010


So yes, I did it. I enrolled for a photography course. I am such a disaster with my Nikon and I was too frustrated to "sukkel" on my own. I'm still the lowest denominator in class, judging by our 1st assignment. I'm just NOT THERE YET! I should try harder ... maybe.

Here is Assignment 1 (instruction: only focus on getting the light meter in the centre) a photograph I took of Bianca (Tiffany's cousins) who had her matric ball last Friday. It gave me a good opportunity to take some pictures, but also not. It was rushed because she got home late from hair, make-up, nails, toes etc. so all the paparazzi had their cameras out, and you had to fight for a spot to get a shot in.

So here I am, unsure of the right settings, trying to make sense of light meter and shutter speed and apperture (which I ignored anyway because its still Greek to me). Oh, the PRESSURE!! The other pressure is, people think because I have the camera that I have, it should be takng nice photos. Little do they know it requires a GENIUS to take a simple shot (well thats how I feel and I don't place myself in the GENIUS category, I wish! faint ...).
Maybe if I pray and ask really nice ... my brain will open up and absord and be GREAT at taking photo's.
I need private lessons from either Ali Edwards, Wilna Furstenburg or Joleen Pienaar (three divas whose blogs I seriously ENJOY)! Maybe they will take pity on me, sitting here on my lonesone on the southern tip of AFRICA. For now, its Aluta Continua!! (the struggle continues).