Friday, April 22, 2011

BFS Prompt 5

Does your mail also get 'babies' overnight it seems? I have a continuous struggle with mail. Actually I don't EVER open mail. If you want to correspond with me, you'll have to send me a sms, e-mail or connect with me on Facebook. I do not do snail mail. I've requested e-statements to all the companies who have this service so that I can deal with less mail in the postbox. For those who do not have this service I want to say GET WITH THE PROGRAMME. Lets save a few forest/trees. So this MAIL caddy was born because the space in my kitchen where the mail goes is so untidy!! I made this last night. I havn't had much time to play in my craft room and when this goes on for too long I start feeling 'sick'!
So this morning I got up and admired my handy work and it made me SMILE! The paper is from Kaizercraft and this was also the range that was selected for the charity scrap as part of the 2010 SA Scrapbook Convention. So I made this project with some of the left over paper - and I even have more of that paper left over.
Lets hope that with the caddy comes better organisation.
Have a blessed Good Friday everyone!
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