Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Childs Year

Hi there

These are some cards I made over the week-end and only getting time to upload today. I have really enjoyed playing around with the ACY cartridge. These silhouettes are just too cute. I don't have a particular use for it because it can really be used for so many occassios. I'll just keep them in my box of stash untill a fitting occassion comes up.
Hope you like as much as I do!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hallo Kitty Party Invites

Hi there people in blogland
Over the week-end my daughter Tiffany and I started making the invitations for her 9th birthday which is on 27 March. She's decided on a Hello Kitty themed party and lucky for me, my HK Cricut cartridge arrived just two week before this BIG decision regarding a party theme. At the moment our guest lists is already at 16 little divas to descend on us on 27 March. I am thinking of including a Hello Kitty craft, so if anybody out there has any ideas - they will be welcomed. Nine year olds gets 'bored' easily so I need to fill three hours constructively. Since we live in the Western Cape, weather is a big factor as it is very unpredictable. Right now we're experiencing a heat wave of up to 40 degrees C over a few days, but come the 27th, it might just rain, so the pool is then out of the question - as you can pretty much keep them in the water for three hours strait, with a bit of snacks thrown in her and there.
I am certainly very pleased about how the invitations came out. I'm also planning a banner for her name with 2 Kitty's on each sides and them I have already cut out - so they are ready for the banner.
I hope you enjoy looking at my Kitty's as much as I do.
PS: One day I will get it right ... beatiful bright photos!! Bought a Nikon D3000, but just can't get it right.

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