Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ratanga Junction

Hi there

Today we've decided not to go to church :-( we were all a bit tired?? We had some friends over last night, and as usual it got a bit late! I did however have time to spend in my craft room today, which always makes me feel better. I just want to stretch the hours in the day because a week-end passes by so quickly!!

I've finished a lay-out last week which I havn't yet uploaded because I was travelling last week and it was a bit hectic. My husband won 10 tickets to Ratanga Junction and gave it to my daughter. Tiffany then envited school friends and family friends to enjoy a day at the theme park. Tiffany went on the Cobra 6 times and on the Monkey Falls 3 times, so she and her friends really had a ball of a time! She kept 2 tickets over for herself and her friend Cleo to go, since Cleo went away on holiday on the day of the event.

The next photo is of a hiking up Table Mountain which the dads and daughters took on December 2008. Cleo and her dad hiked till the top of the mountain and came down with the cable car. Tiffany and her dad climbed to the half way house and then back again. They were very tired, but very satisfied that they conquored half of Table Mountain. This was their first hike and hopefully there will still be many more!

Have a good week everyone.


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