Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrap Dreams: Max-A-Million

Scrap Dreams: Max-A-Million: "I received this email today: PLEASE HELP US FILL A STUDENT'S WISH!!! Received a request this morning to help a child with cancer. Max..."
When I read Cheri's blog post today I was immediately moved into action. Last week-end I made a boy card, which I rarely do as I have a girl and lots of girlie birthday party invites that require girlie birthday cards. But I made a boy card. When I saw Cheri's appeal I immediately knew that I had the right card for this brave boy. Here is the card that I've already written the iside message and address on the envelope, ready for the mail room tomorrow. Okay, somehow I published this without a photo and when I wanted to add the photo the computer didin't respond, it was just staring at me. I'll post the photo in the next post, sorry!
Off to bed now, so sleep well to all those on my side of the hemisphere.

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