Monday, October 18, 2010

NOW OPEN: Cricut Christmas die cut SWAP

I have been dying to host a Cricut die cut SWAP ever since I saw this on the Cricut message board. I even started participting but the shipping cost was a killer. Then I thought of giving this SWAP business a try in good old South Africa where we have so many Cricuteers out there with loads and loads of cartridges.
So seeing that Christmas is approaching, I thought to start off with a Christmas die cut SWAP.
The cuts can be from any of the Cricut cartridges, but with a Christmas flavour of course. There are many images on cartridges that are not Christmas cartridges per se.
This swap will be for completely assembled, layered and embellished cuts to accent scrapbook pages and cards.

DUE DATE: Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

QUANTITY: It depends on how many sign-ups I get for the SWAP. This means that if we close on 10 sign-ups, then everybody will make 10 of the same cuts, which will be swopped out and you will receive 10 different cuts back.
SIZING: 2"-4" in size (minimum of 2" and maximum of 4"x4"). Your cuts must be packaged in individual self-adhesive plastic bags. Here in Cape Town the best place to get it is at MerryPack in Pineands.
PAPER: Use good quality card stock. If you're using patterned paper or thin cardstock please use more than one layer.
DETAILS: Layer, decorate, and embellish any way you wish. Just try to remember that these will be going on scrapbook pages so don't have your embellishments be too tall. Don't just throw something together. Remember these are for Christmas. Please make sure that you sign the back of each piece with your real name and blogspot (if you have one/optional) so that proper credit can be given to the person responsible for the cut.
PACKAGING: When you are ready to mail, place in appropriate sized envelope and wrapped for protection.
RETURN POSTAGE: Please include a self-addressed envelope, the same amount of postage stamps plus 3 extra stamps for the return delivery. The extra postage will allow for the fact that some of the other cuts might be heavier. I will return any unused postage to you.
CHECK-INS: Via e-mail ( once a week so I know you are still participating! If you do not check in for 2 weeks I will check in with you to see if you need to be replaced.
RETURNED TO YOU: I will swap these out as soon as I have received all of them, or the due date has arrived. Anything that arrives late without explanation will be returned to sender – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Yes I know, I know ... must the rules be so STRICT! It pains me to do it, but I have learned from others that the rules are NB, so lets get started and see if I/we can pull it off!

So, I'll start off by adding my name on TOP (first sign-up):

1. Cape Town Scrap-Diva: Santa slay with reindeer (Christmas cartridge)
2. Claudine Petersen: (must still decide on the cut) - thanks for signing up Claudine!

Who is next???

Diva blessings!!

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