Saturday, March 26, 2011

BFS - Prompt Three

Good Saturday morning to all
I have had a beautiful slow morning as my DH and diva junior went to go watch big brother play hockey this morning, so I had a lay-in, relaxing cup of coffee and some surfing time.  I'm also playing catch-up, so here goes for prompt three:  my 10 favorite things as recorded and scrapped in 2009, but never blogged.  I did this as part of a Book about Me, which is still a work in progress.
I hid the 10 favorites in a tag at the time, not sure why I did that, but here is my list and it is still true now in 2011.
1.  Diva Junior - she's the best part of me and amazing to have conversations with.
2.  Movies - all time favorite "Pretty Woman" - not very deep lol
3.  Music - especially jazz
4.  Food - sushi at the moment (salmon roses) yummy!
5.  Scrapbooking (no random order)
6.  The Beach - living in CT is such a blessing
7.  A day at the Spa - reflexology, Indian head message mmmmhh
8.  Experimenting with my hair (it still hasn't fallen out from all the chemicals I nail it with)
9.  Seduko (this has taken a back-seat of late in favor of craft magazines)
10.Travelling (domestic and international), planning a trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for Easter break.
I'll hopefully have time to post promp four later today.  Its diva juniors birthday tomorrow, she'll be 10 years old and we are having the family over for lunch.  I still have to go hit the shops for groceries and a gift.  She's into Wii at the moment, she's had it for two years, but I think she's only now really getting into it.  So I'll buy some Wii paraphanalia and additional games and stuff.
Have a great Saturday all and thanks for all the lovely comments you gorgeous ladies are leaving.  My cup runneth over!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That is a beautiful layout - I really like the reds & blacks. "See" you in class.

  2. Awesome LO! Love all the red. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming a follower of mine. I'm your newest follower. Momo sent me.