Friday, March 25, 2011

BFS - Prompt Two

So yes, I'm a bit late with prompt two, but I still really want to do it.  This is my take on thinking back to a time when I was really happy and scrapbook something about it?  And you might think this weird, but I've been reflecting a lot lately on my late father.  He's birthday was on February 26th and he's been gone for almost 20 years now.  I am at a place now where I have really happy thoughts about him, instead of feeling sadness.  Before his birthday I was really missing having him around, and for some reason I looked around old photo's as we sometimes do when we get nostalgic.  I then came across my Mom and Dad's wedding photos.  I knew immediately that I had to scrap them as vintage is very in at the moment lol.  
Regrettably, in 1962 (the year my parents got married) they didn't have digital photo's where the photographer could take hundreds of pictures and you could take your pick.  It was mostly a few selected studio pictures, a few in church and a few in the gardens.
I looked around on the internet, as I normally do for some inspiration.  And came across the tutorial by Cathy Files  (scroll right to the bottom of her blog post) of Paper Phenomenon, of a wedding mini she's made of her own wedding.  Coincidentally I had the exact same paper line she used and so this mini album was born which is a testimony to the love and commitment my parents made to each other, so that my two brothers and I could have the lives that we have today.  So this post is NOT sad, its HAPPY.  I'm in a good place, my Dad is in a good place, we are all in a good place.  Here is celebrating HAPPINESS.
This is the cover of the mini album "Always and Forever", inspired by Paper Phenomenon.
 Inspired By
 I used vinyl for the cover, Tim Holtz buttons for fasteners, bling and a bride and groom.

Here you get a glimpse of the bride and groom pages.  Its a gate-fold album.

 Brides pages ...
Bridal bouquet ...

 The wedding cake ...

 The grooms pages ...
 The ring bearer pillow ...
Love and happiness to you all ...


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love the older photos. What a treasured album! :)


  2. I love that album! I must get around to doing some older photos sometime. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am pleased their is someone else from SOuth Africa on the class. There are a couple on the JYC class, but I have never met any on this one.

  3. Your album is beautiful!

  4. Hello Natalie your album is beautiful. I was lucky to find you as your comment on my blog went into the spam folder which I don't normally check!! I see you follow the paper trail, isn't she fab? x

  5. Wow! That album is stunning! What a great tribute. Passing through from BFS.

  6. OH WOW! Love the album! TFS
    Helen -- Firenze Cards